France Today Magazine – Decmbre – Janvier 2018

You could easily walk right by this unpretentious little bakery, mistaking it for another one of rue Keller’s eclectic boutiques or galleries.
But the minimal décor is simply an unassuming backdrop for a line-up of gem-like pastries and choice viennoiseries created by Sophie Sauvage and Yukiko Sakka, the two pastry chefs who founded the bakery.
The pairings are surprising but sublime: Pom, a lacquered green dome resting on a hazelnut biscuit is filled with tonka bean perfumed caramelised apple and the Mont Blanc passion, ethereal cream and tart passion fruit, is a gluten-free house speciality.
Lightly glazed chaussons aux prunes, flaky croissants and pains au chocolat are also on the menu.
A neighbourhood pastry shop to be sure, but one that absolutely merits a trip across town.

TRY IT: The vanilla chiffon cake – a favourite in Japan and a nod to pastry chef Yukiko Sakka’s roots – is as white as a cloud and just as light.

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